What a few of the parents from a seminar have had to say:

It was many “A-ha” moments. The presentation was so clear and awakening to how I was parenting. Teaching kids to listen and follow instructions was so enlightening. Jenn is an amazing speaker. She is so easy to understand. All that was shared was truly with love, compassion, understanding  and through experience. I absolutely loved it! – Julie

Practical steps to apply to child raising situations and processes to follow. Goes into specific questions and statements to ask and say. -Kenton

What a wonderful conference! I took so many notes. Looking forward to implementing some changes in our family! -Carla

Jenn is awesome. I really like how simple the steps are and how versatile among the age groups. I feel encouraged that I can do this. -Nancy

It was all good. Well done.  -anonymous

I believe I will be able to take these techniques to my work environment and apply them to myself in tasks and with other younger employees. Having a positive house and workplace would be great. -Kyle

It was just enough info to process without being overwhelming. The info was simple and memorable. Jenn was well spoken. -Scott

Jenn did a fabulous job. Nice speed; calm, clear voice; good personal stories. -Tania

Thank you Jenn for making us feel like we have a “normal”  family. Your conversational presentation was so helpful in equipping us to face our challenges as parents. -anonymous

I would recommend the seminar to others. I love the “heart” approach… it just feels right. -Heather

A few comments from moms group participants:

Thank you so much for your time- all you have taught has been great for our family!

Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough for all that you have taught me in these past few weeks! My family thanks you too for making me a better mom!

Thank you for sharing your heart on being a great mom/parent. I have definately learned many things and implemented them already.

What a blessing you are. Learned so much from your wisdom. You are am amazing servant of God.

Thank you so much for listening to God’s leading and blessing us with the skills to become the mothers God asks us to be!

Thank you so much, your words spoke truth and have blessed us greatly.

Thanks for sharing about real life insight!

Thank you so much for the teaching and real life examples. You are appreciated. God bless you and your family.

Contact Jenn today and have her come and speak to your group!

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