Marshmallow Madness: Gifts of Honor

  “Every good gift and perfect gift is from above” James 1:17 Christmas is coming and I’m sure children everywhere are hoping and praying for their favorite gifts. Let’s take this week to discuss showing Honor as a gift to others. Honor is so important, because it determines how we do things. How we relateContinue reading “Marshmallow Madness: Gifts of Honor”

Marshmallow Madness: Christmas Nativity Snack

“Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people” -Luke 2:10 This week I’d like to highlight Focus On The Family Canada. This is an excellent free online resource for all things parenting, but it also has links to relevant articles and audio clips on everything from marriage toContinue reading “Marshmallow Madness: Christmas Nativity Snack”

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