Marshmallow Madness: Plan Ahead

Marshmallow Madness Cheap and Easy Family Fun! Spend 20 minutes each week passing on your faith and values to your children. I know we all –myself included– have the best intentions, but get washed away in the flood of “to-do’s”, don’t we?! No longer! I have the solution: just buy a few bags of marshmallows,Continue reading “Marshmallow Madness: Plan Ahead”

The #1 Thing Kids Need for Success

For years, parents were taught that the key to raising happy children was to do everything we could to build up their self-confidence through praise. It’s not working.


With all the Christmas hub-bub flying by my calendar, I find myself buzzing with nervous anticipation. Pinterest entices me into believing I can- I really can- learn to knit and sew and bake and cook gourmet- all while saving money of course.  Making quality time for the kids. Finding quantity time with the kids. Ultimately,Continue reading “Resolve!”

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