Ten Pounds Down

Six Week Challenge

Sunday’s 7pm Sask Time

Upcoming Dates: January 8th- February 12th, 2023

Group coaching challenge to reach a goal within 6 weeks. 

Ten Pounds Down is guaranteed to be successful! I’m so confident that this will work for you that I’m going to take all the risk! If you follow the program and don’t lose weight, I’ll give you your money back! 

This isn’t another weight loss challenge. We’re going to work through what’s holding you back, deal with the negative thinking and transform your thoughts around a healthy lifestyle.

You can expect to lose ten pounds, but this program will give you a sustainable plan to keep living a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU!. 

Live Group Coaching Sundays online via live webinar from 7:00-8:00 pm Sask time. 

*meetings will be recorded and emailed out the following day* 

Dedicated Facebook Group to share encouragement and support.

                 Are you ready to stop TRYING to lose weight?      


Are you frustrated because you’ve lost weight before, but it keeps coming back with a vengeance? This doesn’t mean you’re a failure, what it means is that you haven’t dealt with all the thoughts and feelings surrounding weight loss! 

This isn’t just another weight loss challenge. You’ll learn how to deal with feelings of deprivation, These habits are not impossible- anybody who decides to make their health a priority can absolutely achieve success in this program. 

By Week 2: you’ll feel it.

By Week 4: you’ll see it.

By Week 6: you’ll live it!

Decide- ARE YOU READY? IS IT TIME?      When you lose your EXCUSES you’ll find your RESULTS!


Regular Price: $249

Pre-Register: $199 enrollment fee

Online Class approx 1 hour each Sunday (will be recorded and emailed out), along with a workbook, weekly challenges, and private facebook group.

Register NOW!

On the fence?

This isn’t for you  if you think maybe you’ll give losing weight a try.

This is for you if you desperately want to feel stronger and lighter, inside and out. 

This is for you if you’ve had success in the past but it didn’t last.

This is for you if you already know what to do- you just need someone to hold you accountable to actually do.the.things! 

Jenn Dean is a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and trained in Nutrition Periodization strategies. After researching what science and studies have produced the best long term results, Jenn has broken it down into easy manageable steps to help you succeed! 

Tell me you’re ready to change your life! 

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