Online Resources

As Families Matter Most grows and expands we want to be able to serve you in the moments you need it most. To do so, Jenn Dean has created a workbook and webinars for you to listen and work on in your home. Stay tuned as this area grows and expands.

At Home Workbook

Struggling to pass on your faith to your children? Events and personal visits have many benefits, and this workbook was created by Jenn to help you continue the work of building a family legacy. Family is important and while we are all busy, we can’t afford to wait! This book allows you to go at your own pace and start wherever you’re at. See change in yourself personally as you parent your kids, and build character in your family as you walk through life’s up and down’s together.

Leaving A Legacy That Lasts
  • 2-Downloadable PDF Workbook

February Fun Calendar

Do you want to succeed, looking to reach your goals? February and the winter blues are known for coming hand in hand. BUT there is HOPE! I have a great resource for your family or your marriage or both! February Fun Calendar is for YOU! I include an empty calendar and multiple categories of activity ideas for your whole family. Click Here to get your FREE Fun Calendar today!

FMM Week Long Planner

Do you want to succeed, but struggle to get up in the morning? I’ve been there, my brain is so full, I’m done. I have created a planner that helps you remember those important moments, take time for your to do list, and don’t forget those closest to you. All while taking the time to empty your brain. PLUS as an added bonus, I’m throwing in a “Mom’s Chore Chart.” Use this for yourself or others. Click HERE to receive yours FREE today!

Chore Chart

Do you want your kids to do more chores? Chores are great life skills that we all need to know. Do you remember what it was like living in your first home alone, or heading off to college? What things did you feel clueless about or wish you had taken the time to learn before moving out? Life skills are great for many things. As your kids are growing up chores can fill time when “boredom” is getting them into trouble. Chores can also be used for big milestones. Click Here to receive your FREE chore chart with age suggestions and more.

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