Private Coaching

Are you feeling stuck?

Well you are not alone.
That is why I am here, to help you find the motivation you need. I will keep you accountable by booking four meetings to go with your initial strategy call.
What will private coaching look like?
Private Coaching is four 1hour sessions discussing an issue in your life you would like to address. The initial meeting we will discuss where you are at and come up with a plan. During the follow- up sessions we will discuss how the plan is going and where we need to adapt the plan to best suit you. After all, the best life changes come when we change our habits and mindsets. And research says it takes at least a month to change a habit.

But WAIT, want more than 4 sessions. Jenn offers both ongoing 1 hour sessions or ongoing 1/2 hour (health & nutrition) sessions for those interested in working with her long term.

Private Coaching May Include:
*Personal Trainer
*Health Coach
*Life Coach
*Conquering Anger
*Dealing with anxiety, stress and other emotions
*Balance in daily life
*and more!

To book a free strategy call click here. Ready to book your coaching sessions, if so, click here. Need somewhere to start before your first session, click here for your free planner.

So where would you start?

Coaching Packages

*Free Strategy Call is available to anyone considering, booking, or unsure about coaching.*

  • 4 session private personal coaching package (this is usually bi-weekly.)
  • 1 Monthly Accountability Session (3 month minimum commitment encouraged.)
  • 4, 6, or 8 session Healthy Living Packages (Includes fitness, nutrition, and emotional health.)
  • Add- On or Follow up 1 session for those who have been previous clients.

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