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Episode 76:

Time Management Part 2

Time Management- Competing Goals
Do you feel like you can never win? You might be succeeding at work, but feel guilty for letting your house and family time decrease. You completed that huge to do list last week, but can barely get out of bed this week. This cycle is hard, and as women, it’s often linked to our hormones.

Over the next four weeks, I am going to break down four pieces of Time Management that I have found will help pull you out of this rut. This week, I am breaking down our competing goals, and finding successes for each lane we have. 

Episode 75:

Time Management Part 1

Time Management Part 1- The Big Picture
Do you feel like all your time is spent being a mom? Chores, work, teaching, or chauffeuring your children all day long? This is a draining cycle that many parents experience throughout their life. 
Over the next four weeks, I am going to break down four pieces of Time Management that I have found will help pull you out of this rut.This week, I am breaking down the Big Picture of our goals, our dreams, and our success. Why are we doing the the things we do? Is it even important? Does it matter?
Plus- I have a worksheet to help you. Click Here to download now.

Episode 74:

Exhaustion, Overwhelm, Burnout

Exhaustion, Overwhelm, Burnout
Could you handle one more thing in your life?
If one more person needed you for something, would you fall apart? 
You’re not alone if you feel like you give away every last bit of energy.
There’s nothing left, and you feel exhausted and defeated.
Let’s climb out of this pit! 
Here are three big buckets that can help you decipher where to start:
Pick one of these and take one small baby step, and I promise it will feel great. 
You’ll have a little more energy to take the next teeny baby step, and over time you’ll make a big difference in your life. 
This is how your life is going to change. One tiny habit at a time. 
I want to help you get there.

If you have never had a strategy call with me, I think it’s time we had a chat! 
Book your free virtual check-in or visit www.familiesmattermost.com

Episode 73:

Marriage Killers

Marriage Killers Part 3: Be a Cheerleader

My husband Sean joins me in this podcast to talk about our journey to get to a great marriage where we can honestly say we’re best friends. .
How did Sean and I get from tolerating each other- to here? 
If you’re ready to do the work to have a great marriage, here’s where to start. 

Episode 72:

Marriage Killers

Marriage Killers Part 2
(The 4 Predictors of Divorce)

The four predictors of divorce: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt. Let’s review what they are and how they hurt us, and then determine how to change.  I know we all want a happy marriage, so let’s figure this out! Even if you’re doing well, this podcast will help you know what to look for and what you can do to make your marriage even better! Based on research by Dr John Gottman.

Episode 71:

Marriage Killers

Marriage Killers – Part 1 (Extreme Words)
There are common pitfalls in marriage that trip us up. 
Some of them are complicated, but some of them are just plain dumb. 
The words we use to make our point can destroy relationships. 
Too often, one person will make a statement that derails the whole point of the conversation and next thing we know there’s an argument about whether some particular wrongdoing happened on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. We’ve missed the point, and now we’re arguing about semantics. How about you never use these statements again ever? Well, try.
My husband is always angry.
My wife never spends time with me.
He literally ignores me.
She hates me.
I’ve just given up.

The great news is, with just a few tweaks to your verbiage you can make a huge difference in your marriage. Start noticing the words you speak today!

Episode 70:

Help! My Kids Keep Lying

HELP! My Kids Keep Lying
What is a lie? Why do kids do it? And how can we get them to stop?!! 
I get these questions a lot! 
Usually parents are at their wits end- they’ve tried everything they know and nothing has worked. Seriously, lying is a difficult behavior to deal with (as you’ll hear in this podcast!)
Let’s  talk about the difference between lying and storytelling, when to use consequences, and strategies to help your kids choose honesty. You haven’t ruined your kids! There’s lots of ways to help them learn to tell the truth. Keep trying to reach their heart!

Episode 69:

Mom Self Care with Teresa Weidrick

Mom Self Care
Moms, dads, parents, homeschoolers, recently forced to be at home parents join me and Teresa for self -care tools. Teresa has twenty -one years of experience as a parent and can say after only a few years in she hit the “walls.” She asked the question “Who am I?” Teresa felt lost and done, so she decided to spend a lot of time learning boundaries and self -care tools.  In today’s podcast we are sharing these tools so don’t miss it!
Teresa on Instagram @homeschool_mama_self_care for Sunday tea time and more…
Book Number 1:  Homeschool Mama Self Care
Website: www.capturingthecharmedlife.com

Episode 68:

The 3 Enemies of Success and Happiness

The 3 Enemies of Success and Happiness
I read a study that asked uber successful CEO’s what held them back in life, and their answers are the same that I hear every day working with families. Whether it’s running a multimillion dollar business or managing a busy household, you can develop the habit of contentment in life. If you want to bring more joy into your life, this podcast episode is for you! 
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Episode 67:

People Pleasing & Feeling Guilty

People Pleasing & Feeling Guilty
In today’s podcast I am going to share some ideas and maybe even some things for you to think about. 
If you can hear yourself saying “I can’t believe your so selfish you…”
Have you said this to yourself? If so, this podcast is for you.

Episode 66:

Making Time For Yourself

Making Time For Yourself with Lisa Marie Fletcher
(While Homeschooling)

This week on our podcast we have a special guest Lisa Marie Fletcher. Lisa Marie Fletcher is a homeschooling mom of 5 kids ranging from preschool to high school. When her homeschooling journey began, she searched for Canadian homeschooling resources and started to share them online. That was the beginning of The Canadian Homeschooler – whose mission today is to connect homeschoolers across Canada with each other and with resources to help them on their journey. As a homeschooling mom her best advice is to lower the bar.
Whether you homeschool or not, she has some great tools to help you carve time into your day for your dreams, successes, and so much more. There are ways to make your dreams come true while homeschooling, or while being the best mom you can be. 
Lisa knows it’s hard to find time to fit everything in you need. Which is why she has written a great book and created an online FREE homeschooling conference.  Both are in formats for the busy mom’s we all are. 

Check out more from Lisa:
Book: How to Homeschool in Canada
COHC Conference:  Feb. 7-12th
The Canadian Homeschooler: https://thecanadianhomeschooler.com

Episode 65:

Commit to Your Health

I’d always wanted to be healthy, but I could never be successful long term. I’d have a few good days but I could never maintain it. I’d keep my morning routine for a few days and then fall apart. I’d lose weight but then gain it all back. It wasn’t until I turned 40 that it worked. If I reflect on it, the difference was that I COMMITTED to the goal.

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