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Episode 64:

Four Simple Ways to Not Gain Weight

Four Simple Ways to Not Gain Weight

These four hacks are so easy you don’t even have to think about it. 
Anybody can do them. You’ll be able to lose a bit of weight, or at least avoid gaining weight, just by implementing these science backed and proven tips.

What are these amazing tricks, you ask? Take a listen to find out!

Episode 63:

Don’t Quit What You Are Called To Do

Don’t Quit What You Are Called To Do!

Team, we have achieved our goal of 40,000 podcasts!!!
On this podcast I threw my notes away and I’m just sharing from my heart.

I want to encourage you to keep pressing forward in whatever you’re called to do- it’ll be worth it, I promise! 

Don’t quit on yourself, even if nobody sees you. 

I see you
and I’m cheering for you! 

And… to celebrate this community I want to give away some free coaching for those that really want it but can’t afford it. I’ve been there, and I want to give back! 
Nominate someone (or yourself) privately by emailing me at familiesmattermost@gmail.com or sending me a private message @familiesmattermost on Instagram or Facebook. 


Episode 62:

The 3 Pitfalls of Parenting

The 3 Pitfalls of Parenting

Are you an angry person? Do you feel overwhelmed? Today, you’ll gain some new tools in the areas that trip you up so you can reduce your own anger, stop feeling so overwhelmed and stay true to yourself.
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You should feel comfortable in your own skin. You can finally lose the weight and keep if off, even if you’ve never been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The truth is, you probably can’t do it on your own. Fact: this is my jam- you will get results! Email me to see if private or small group coaching would be best for you! 
Interested in a FREE STRATEGY CALL? Book in a trial session to get real results, even if you’ve never done anything like this before! You can work on parenting issues, increase your confidence or deal with those insecurities that keep creeping in. You should feel confident in who you are as a person and a parent.
Book that free session HERE! 


Episode 61:

Dealing with Stressful Situations

Dealing with Stressful Situations

How do you deal with stressful situations? 
I thought it might be helpful for you to know how I succeed, and fail!  
I know all the right things to do, but it’s really hard to take those thoughts captive when fear and stress are overwhelming. 
I had an incident recently where I was worried about a close family member, and my brain wanted to go to the worst possible conclusions. I’m going to walk you through my own wellness strategies in hopes that you can keep making progress dealing with stress.

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Episode 60:

Letting Go of Big Emotions

Letting Go of Big Emotions

Do you ever catch yourself stuck in a negative thought spiral? One critical thought sets you off and next thing you know you’re a bad parent, terrible spouse, and you’re failing at life! Learn how to stop the negative thinking, learn from mistakes, approach conflict, and apologize well. I want to help you learn from life, move on, and let it go.


Episode 59:

Ten Pounds Down

Ten Pounds Down

Are you a a diet chaser? Find the latest fad diet and go all in? Did you know 97% fail this way within three years!
I know the challenge, I have done the diet or workout plans and I have gained it all back. BUT because I hated this part of diets I became a nutrition and fitness coach so I could learn what is ACTUALLY holding us back.
I have some great tools this week to help you kick the diets, kick the fad workouts, and stick to healthy habits.


Episode 58:

Three Questions to Calm Conflict

Three Questions to Calm Conflict

Are you tired, cranky, and overwhelmed? I have three questions for you to memorize for these moments to help decrease the conflict in your home.
These questions are for after the conflict. To wrap up the conflict, while helping kids take responsibility and learn self-control. Would you love it if your child came to you and took responsibility instead of blaming? This works!
Want to have more joy and peace at home? This will help, these questions are great for your parenting tool box. 
Looking for more from Families Matter Most? Check out www.familiesmattermost.com
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Episode 57:

Help! Why Has My Kid Suddenly Changed?!

Help! Why Has My Kid Suddenly Changed?!

Help! What happened to my kid?!

Out of nowhere, it seems your child has been replaced. Your sweet, agreeable little one is now challenging you. They’re moody and sensitive. If they are in Grade 6 or older, they’re experiencing the adolescent “angst” that makes this season of life so difficult for our kids. 
Let’s help our kids as they journey towards acceptance and belonging. 

Click here for podcast notes.

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Episode 56:

Teaching Littles Self Control

Teaching Littles Self Control

They just won’t do it. It doesn’t matter what I do, they just won’t do it. Is this you? Self- Control is so important. Being in control of oneself is tough, we as adults still struggle in this area.
And your littles can start working on this, with your help. As soon as your baby can sit up, you can start teaching your children self- control.  Imagine, your kids never having to lose control. Never having to say I’m sorry I lost control. I’m sharing my tools for little’s to learn self-control.

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Episode 55:

Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

Think about a good thing in your life. Something you’re really proud of. Something you’ve accomplished recently… and BOOM! Did you notice the negative thought that immediately follows the positive one?  “Yeah, sure the kids had a great day, but you’ll never get two days in a row!” Or, “Yes you did a great job at work, but it’s only a matter of time before you fail.” “You stuck to your health goals today, but you can’t live like this forever”. “You were calm and peaceful today, but it will never stick!” This podcast is all about how to stop sabotaging our wins. Get some practical tools for yourself and your kids! 


Episode 54:

Tying Strings

Tying Strings
Want to transform your home?  
If you apply this philosophy today, your kids will respond immediately. 
It’s called Tying Strings, and it’s a metaphor for building great relationships no matter what age your kids are. This way of looking at connecting with your kids will help you be intentional when the kids are behaving great, but I’ll also share how this can help you even when you have to discipline. Go tie some strings! 
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Episode 53:

Three Things to Never Say to Your Kids

Three Things to Never Say to Your Kids
Do you struggle with what to say to your kids?  As parents we want to love our kids unconditionally, but sometimes our words don’t share that same message to our kids.
 If you have fallen into the trap of saying phrases you regret, I am here to help. 
We won’t be just talking about what you shouldn’t say. We will also look at what you SHOULD say to your kids. I’m a mom a get it.  We all want to reach their heart, their core. Let’s do this in a way that will lift up our kids and ourselves! 
When we do this properly, we are teaching our children resiliency, the proper way to deal with frustration, and character development. 

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Episode 52:

Imperfect Parenting

Imperfect Parenting with Dwayne Moffat
Feel overwhelmed? Where do you start? Have you had a day when you look around and realize your marriage isn’t where you want it to be? When you look at your kids and admit that it’s not going so great? My guest on the podcast is Dwayne Moffat of The Imperfect Parent. We talk about the process of personal development and how this actually looks, focusing on three epiphanies that have helped Dwayne reach the hearts of his kids: Communication, Awareness, and Intention.  
Have a listen to our podcast together!
You can check out Dwayne’s Podcast, The Imperfect Parent, or reach out to him over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imperfectparentpodcast/

Episode 51:

Three Things To Get You Through Hard Times

Three Things To Get You Through Hard Times!
What do you do when you’re in a hard season? 

Stress might cause you to explode and take it out on the people around you, or implode and give up altogether. Do you burn up or burn out?

When you’re under pressure, there are three things you need to stay connected to in order to come through it. If you’re in a hard place right now, I need you to focus on these three things only. Everything else can fall apart if it needs to, but these are your lifelines… this is what will get you to the other side eventually.

You need to stay connected to 
your peace
your purpose, and 
your people.

Otherwise, you could end up sabotaging yourself. 
Nothing is worth hurting your relationships, and it’s never too late for your comeback moment. 
   And yes, I’m hearing Rocky music in my head right now 🙂

97% of people can’t do this on their own. Book a strategy call with me for free, and let’s chat about you.

Episode 50:

Five Easy Ways to Get Healthy

Five Easy Ways to Get Healthy
What would your life be like if you had more energy? If you had less pain and stiffness? If you slept better at night? If you managed stress and had more patience? Do you think it would affect your parenting and marriage? You bet!  I’ve done all the fad diets and exercise crazes. I’ve experimented with macros and muscle fibers, and I’ve researched the studies to see what is most effective in real people just like you and me.  
Here are five easy tips that will make a difference in your life. Strategies that you can incorporate to help you be comfortable in your own skin and present for the people that you love. 
97% of people can’t do this on their own. Book a strategy call with me for free, and let’s chat about you.

Episode 49:

Seven Year Olds

Seven Year Olds

What happened? It’s like they’re a different kid! 

I get more emails from parents of 7 year olds than ANY OTHER AGE! 
Kids aged 6-8 experience a unique developmental hurdle and it changes everything- you used to be able to give an instruction, but now there’s constant pushback. Your sweet 4 year old has now become willful and defiant.  Is it like they’ve regressed back into emotional outbursts and tantrums? It feels like you’re in the twilight zone but you’re not crazy! Let me help you reach the hearts of these mysterious kids. Navigate this phase well and it will pay off down the road- I promise!  

Have you ever thought about working on yourself with some coaching? Reach out to me and lets chat! -Jenn Dean
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Episode 48:

Should I Give Rewards?

(Chores Part 3- BONUS!)

Should I Give Rewards
Chores Part 3

“I shouldn’t have to reward them for something basic like making their bed!” 
In this podcast, let’s break down behavior and come up with strategies to reach our kids hearts. Incentives allow us to teach which behaviors and qualities we want to see more of. The good news is, if we do it right, it will internalize into character that expands into other areas of life. 

Have you ever thought about working on yourself with some coaching? Reach out to me and lets chat! -Jenn Dean
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Episode 47:

Will Your Kids Be Ready To Launch?

(Chores Part 2- BONUS!)

Will Your Kids Be Ready To Launch?
Chores Part 2

I’ve received so many great questions about how to get started teaching kids responsibility that I created another podcast to help you! 
Some feedback from parents:
“It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start, but now I finally have a rough plan. I know it will look differently for each of my kids, but at least I can make sure we get some great life skills started.”
“I wish I knew more when I left home. So it’s encouraging to know that by teaching them some of these skills I’m helping my kids be successful when they head out into the world!”
“My kids are pretty little right now, and I always thought I would teach them when they were older. But after listening to the podcast I realize there’s lots I can do right now, and if I follow her guidelines they’ll be ready when they graduate.” 
If you like the idea of having your family work together but don’t know where to start, I’ve got you!

Have you ever thought about working on yourself with some coaching? Reach out to me and lets chat! -Jenn Dean
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Episode 46:

Teaching Kids Chores

(Teaching Kids Responsibility Part 1)

Should my kids be doing chores? 
Teaching Kids Responsibility: Part 1

There are so many good reasons kids should have to help out the family with regular work around the house. Learning how to do things you don’t want to do is a fundamental skill for life success! Character qualities like self control and time management are developed when kids are lovingly guided to learn hard work and responsibility, and we want our kids to feel confident when they eventually launch into the world. Diligence and responsibility are only learned by doing, so start implementing daily chores now!

Click Here for a FREE Chore Chart

If you’ve never experienced coaching before, I want to offer you a complimentary mini-session to see how it feels. It’s pretty amazing, actually 🙂  
Pick a time that works for you.

Episode 45:

The Three Lies

The Three Lies
And What To Do About Them

Think of a situation where you took something personally: Did you overreact, yell at your kids, or become offended at your spouse? 
Our consistent actions always follow our heart, not our logic.
Our behavior stems from our core beliefs, and if you believe a lie in your heart it will be impossible to make lasting change in our lives. 

Which lie do you believe?
I’m worthless
I’m helpless
I’m unloveable

Learn how these lies affect our relationships and how to remove them. Your freedom is worth it!

If you’ve never experienced coaching before, I want to offer you a complimentary mini-session to see how it feels. It’s pretty amazing, actually 🙂  
Pick a time that works for you.

Episode 44:

Raising Resilient Kids

Raising Resilient Kids

When kids face adversity, they can react with anger, tears, or just shut down completely.
Often, our own frustration doesn’t help either! Our kids already know what it feels like to fail. They need to learn resilience. Learn how to reduce the emotions and break down projects into achievable tasks. With your help, your kids can do hard things and overcome failure.

Do your kids struggle to stay focused? Do they get overwhelmed easily and shut down, or erupt into anger? What’s at the root of this? Usually, it’s fear. Fear of not being able to understand the math, or fear that they’ll never learn to read, or fear that they’ll fail the test. Fear of missing out, or fear of not being good enough. What if I’m a failure? I’ll never get it right!
We need to make sure we aren’t fueling the negative thought loops that are likely replaying over and over in your child’s mind. 

Next, look for patterns. Does this happen every time you ask them to clean their room? Every time they’re playing video games and you tell them it’s time to do their spelling homework? A certain time of day? By finding patterns, you can get ahead of it and really prepare yourself to be that calm positive coach your child needs. 

Break it down into management chunks of time. Telling yourself to clean out an entire bedroom is overwhelming. Instead, coaching yourself to work for a short amount of time feels so much more possible. Use this same method with kids. Decide on an amount of time that will work for them- ten minutes maybe?- and encourage them to work on the project for just that time. Then, praise the effort and perhaps reward with a small incentive. Then start again with the small time chunk until the task is completed. Use fun rewards or prizes to help the change stick. 

If it doesn’t go well, create a safe cool down location for your child to take a break until he is calm. When ready, back to the time block! Thirty minutes of math homework could be completed easily in three ten minute time blocks. More importantly, though, is that your child is developing resilience every time she practices starting and completing a hard thing. Each time, she is reminding herself that she is brave, and that she can accomplish great things as long as she doesn’t give up. You can help your kids develop resiliency to succeed in life!
CLICK HERE for a FREE Raising Resilient Kids PDF

If you’ve never experienced coaching before, I want to offer you a complimentary mini-session to see how it feels. It’s pretty amazing, actually 🙂  
Pick a time that works for you.

Episode 43:

Helping Kids Fail Forward

Helping Kids Through Failure

Develop three habits to help kids fail forward.

Do your kids struggle with failure? Tantrums, slamming doors and screaming out insults are common behaviors for kids that struggle with frustration.
How can we help our kids deal with mistakes and failure?

Cultivate a culture in your home that accepts failure, help kids become successful even in the midst of failure and help kids to learn from their mistakes. 

Download a free assessment tool for kids and teens HERE.

If you’ve never experienced coaching before, I want to offer you a complimentary mini-session to see how it feels. It’s pretty amazing, actually 🙂  
Pick a time that works for you.

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