Parent Mastery Program

Encouraging parents as they research, discover new seasons,
and yearn to bless their children through every stage of growing up.

Are you a Mom or Dad who loves researching and learning new ways to parent?
We all know there are many sources out there telling us how to parent and encourage our children.
Going through all the tools is EXHAUSTING! Jenn Dean has created an accountability online group for YOU!
Jenn has done the research so you don’t have too. She will share amazing knowledge through 2 teaching sessions and 2 live Q& A’s each month.
PLUS she will provide you with journal topics, worksheets, family challenges, and resources that won’t take you hours to find what YOU need for your family.

How is this happening?

Click Here to register for The Parent Mastery Program at an amazing price of $99/ month!
*With sign up 1 Strategic Planning Call
*2 – 30 minute recorded teaching Sessions
*2- 30 minute live Q & A (available to watch after live as well.)
*Advanced Parenting Education
*Accountability & Support
*Small Online Class size
*Worksheets, Journal Ponder Topics, Resources, AND MORE!

Book your strategy call now.

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