Parent Mastery FAQ

Do you have questions? Maybe they fall into the commonly asked questions below.

  1. How much does Parent Mastery Cost and why is this the fee?

    Parent Mastery Program is priced based on being a small group setting with two hours of guaranteed small group material a month. Plus a thirty minute one on one session. With this in mind the fee is $99/ month with the ability to unsubscribe at anytime.

  2. What does the recorded material include?

    Parent Mastery Material is set up with a monthly topic (such as anxiety.) From there you will be provided with the resources for anxiety in your children and anxiety in you as a parent. We will dive into this topic and go as deep as you choose. I provide bonus recordings and worksheets if the months topic is one you would like more on. Keep in mind this is like a Netflix or Pureflix subscription, you use what you want and leave the rest.

  3. How much time or commitment does this require?

    As said above, this can be used like a Netflix subscription. The normal commitment level is two and a half to four hours a month. Or about one hour a week, like a class. Now you also have the choice to rewatch all the material five times one month or only do the one on one another month. This is for you.

  4. What if I don’t see the results I’m looking for?

    Jenn has purposefully incorporated live Question and Answer times as well as one on one coaching into this for everyone. Results often don’t come over night, but aha moments may. Q & A is a great time to talk with other parents in a similar struggle and learn tips and tricks that are empowering their homes. The one on one session is also a great chance to pick Jenn’s brain further and be honest with yourself and her.

  5. Why is live Question and Answer time included?

    The live Question and Answer Time is CRUCIAL. Families constantly say how this adds the dynamic they needed. Hearing the questions you have come out of someone else’s mouth changes so much as we walk this road as parents. Suddenly this road isn’t as scary or lonely. The group is here to help each other and bring some accountability as we walk our month.

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