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This Group is currently on Pause.

In response to requests from clients, Families Matter Most is offering an accountability program for families to take steps towards physical and mental health. I’ve created exactly what I wished existed when I was struggling to take care of myself and my family- and I’m offering it to you now!  Do you know what you need to do to feel healthier? Probably you can name at least three things that you know you should include- or cut out- of your life that would make you a better person. When you feel better, it makes you a better parent, partner, professional and friend.

Take charge of your life today! Make a commitment to yourself and I’ll help to hold you accountable.   

Each week:

You will log your food, and I will check it and provide feedback. People that log their food lose 30% more weight.  (Either on the free MyFitnessPal App or in a notebook.)

Each Saturday morning you’ll receive an email video with motivation and encouragement to reach your goals. The email will include questions to reflect upon and reply.

In addition, each week there will be a new challenge to work towards. It could be nutrition, fitness, or mental health related, but all are designed to help you shift your mindset towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be invited to join our private healthy habits community on facebook to support and encourage each other to reach your goals.

Email to be put on the mailing list for monthly tips until we restart.

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  1. mereehassler says:

    Excited for this!! Needing this!!

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