• Enriching Activities

    Better than bread- its Wonderbread! That’s what comes to mind when I ponder the word enrichment. In a nutshell, it means to make something better. To add pleasure. To enrich a job is to make it more satisfying for its employees. To enrich one’s life is to make it more enjoyable. Notice it isn’t about […]

  • respect

    Respect is a tough character trait to teach. Not only is it difficult to define, it kind of goes against the selfishness that is in all of us. Although we can’t deny that kids go through phases of genuinely desiring only to please their parents, they soon figure out how to lie, steal, and hit, […]

  • Celebrating Advent

    When we think of Christmas we should remember that Christ came for us, but that He is also coming again for us. Advent means at its Latin roots, adventus, (coming). What can we do to celebrate His coming to us as a human baby as well as His promise to come again? How difficult is […]