Jenn Dean and her husband Sean know first-hand how difficult it is to be parents. When one of their three children displayed symptoms of a Defiance Disorder, Jenn immediately knew that she must deal with discipline while somehow managing to maintain healthy relationships within the family. Popular advice on television failed, and remarks by strangers only added to the despair. Rather than giving up any hope of peace in her home, Jenn turned to the Bible and prayerfully learned how to realistically apply God’s Word to her parenting.  Joy and peace grew within the family as she creatively found ways to encourage her children to obey the first time—with a happy heart. Convinced that others could benefit from the parenting skills she acquired, Jenn founded Breakaway, a Christian encouragement group for mothers. This weekly meeting has expanded into a powerful ministry that now reaches into both the church and the community.

Jenn speaks to all parents, in faith-based settings as well as non faith organizations. Her material is tailored to help parents reach the hearts of their children and the tools work!

Jenn enjoys speaking to all ages and stages of parenthood—from toddlers to teens. Her passion is to encourage family unity. Jenn feels called to take this mandate of providing  parenting solutions further by offering private coaching and specialized workshops on difficult topics.

To request private coaching, please contact me for information:

Contact Jenn Dean


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