Welcome! You're here for a reason!

Want to reach the hearts of your kids to build character?
Learn practical tips to get results in your parenting
AND become more peaceful in the process?
I've got you covered!

If you are an imperfect parent that struggles to stay calm- Welcome!

This material was created by a mom in the trenches, and it works!

You’ll find encouragement and support to reach the hearts of your kids, faith based tools that you can use to teach character, and discipline techniques that help your children want to do the right thing!

A lot of parental frustration comes from a fear of not knowing what to do. Learn some new skills by attending a live or online class, and through the free podcast. Many families prefer private coaching to create the strong united family you’ve always wanted.

You’re not here by accident! Parenting is tough- but God gave you your kids, and you are the best parent for the job. You’ve got this!




We’ve done other parenting classes over the years and they were good, they were ten and thirteen sessions each. But even just the bit that we were able to hear from this one, this is by far the most practical, straight to the heart. Absolutely Love it! Thank you so much.

Marji Thiessen

Our experience with private parent coaching with Jenn was incredible. She makes you feel so comfortable and she is so relatable. Her approach is practical, manageable and empowering. She gave us real life exercises and strategies that were easy to incorporate into our busy schedules and produced real results fast. She brought harmony and accountability to our home! The activities she had for our daughter were age appropriate and relevant to what she was struggling with. I would highly recommend Jenn to not only families who are struggling but every family who wants to fine tune and create more peace and structure in their home!

Jennifer Fox

Hi, I had the privilege of attending your presentation at the SHBE convention this weekend and LOVED it, thank you. Since we don’t live in Regina, do you ever do podcasts or anything like that as I would love to learn more about your methods as they have been implemented in our home already! Thank you once again.

Maria Hoogenboom
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