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Year Resolutions

Hi friends,

Well we’re a couple weeks into January and I’m wondering, how are you doing? No, I’m not asking the quick in passing version, I’m looking at you and wondering, how are you REALLY doing?

January is quite the month. On one hand we’re 

 trying to get back into routine and implement some new changes and on the other we’re just fighting to survive those winter blues. 

Maybe your New Years resolutions have already fallen off the wagon. Maybe your hopes and intentions for working out, practising gratitude or making your health a priority, have left you feeling defeated.

Only 8% of people actually meet their New Years Resolutions. The other 92%, well many of them will have failed by months end. 


Often our goals are not specific enough. We make things too broad, hoping this will allow us not to judge ourselves too harshly. We think maybe if it’s broad we will be able to achieve it, but the truth is if we can’t name exactly what it is we want, we can’t get there.

This is why I created the group Ten Pounds Down!

This is a group of like minded women. Women with the same goals, the same struggles and the same desire to overcome. With our weekly sessions you can expect results in this 6 week challenge. Community and accountability are the key to success.

This isn’t just about a diet, because those don’t last. This is about discovering the why. 

We’re going to get to the bottom of the thoughts and feelings that drive you to make choices. We’re going to address the cravings, the emotional eating and all the things that keep bringing you back to making the same choices. 

If you’ve lost the weight before, this program is for you.  In fact I’m so confident this will work, I have a money back guarantee. This will help you learn the skills to make these changes for life.

This doesn’t have to be another year you didn’t meet your goal. Get specific, name your why and get some accountability. 

This can be your year! Your year to prioritize your health, your family, your goals. 

To learn more about Ten Pounds Down and claim one of the remaining 3 spots available click on the link.

If your goals are different consider a coaching call, one on one mentoring where we set up a plan to help you acheive the goals you want!

I’m cheering for you,

Jenn Dean

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