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It’s cold and dreary, and our house has been kind of miserable lately. I mean, honestly, I haven’t been a very fun mom. When this happens I try and think of creative ways to bust out of the habit of negativity. Because really, complaining about things I don’t like isn’t really working. So here’s my goal: try and have a great belly laugh every day with the kids. I’m sharing some ideas with you- I’d love to hear about how they worked in YOUR house!  Disclaimer: I have boys. Teenage boys. So far I’ve had three days of belly laughs, and two of them involve violence! What can YOU do in YOUR house? Share your ideas for others with younger kids, or families that aren’t obsessed with action movies.

Bad Joke Battle: During supper I handed out a bunch of terrible jokes I’d written out, and we took turns trying to say and hear them with a straight face. We got 1 point for each smile or laugh, and the person with the fewest points won the game.

I’ve been posting about our family fun on social media, and some of you are wanting the jokes we used. Print these off and have some belly laughs today!

Did you hear about the superhero with a lisp that always worked out?         ~He’s Thor

If spaghetti made an action movie  what would it be called?          ~Mission Im-pasta-ble

What do you call a teacher who doesn’t fart in public?              ~A Private Tutor!

How do billboards talk?              ~Sign Language

What do you call somebody who gets mad when they don’t have any bread?           ~Lack Toast Intolerant

What do you call syrup with a speech impediment?     ~Mrs. Stuttersworth

What’s the best way to carve wood?     ~Whittle by whittle!

What do Mexican clocks say?     ~tick taco

What do you call a ghost poop?     ~boo boo

What do you call a lazy doctor?     ~Dr D-Little

What do mermaids wash their fins with?     ~Tide

Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road?     ~He got stuck in a crack

What did the fried rice say to the shrimp?     ~Don’t you wok away from me!

Why did the stallion give the pony a glass of water?     ~Because he was a little hoarse.

Why does the sandwich cook?     ~When it’s bacon lettuce and tomatoe.

What is the foot’s favorite snack?     ~DoriTOES!

Why did the salad go to the music store?     ~To get some beets!


Marshmallow Battle:   I gave the kids five minutes to build their defensive fort, and then attacked with a bag of marshmallows! It was so much fun! This was easy and not messy at all. I recommend you go out and buy a bag of large marshmallows (or three) and have a battle tonight! BUT only if your kids are not teenagers. I learned that marshmallows can actually hurt when pelted by teenage boys. Check out Families Matter’s Most instagram post for a fun video of Evan getting attacked by marshmallows!

We’ve also watched Try Not to Laugh youtube video’s and had a slow motion movie fighting scene. More plans include eating a feast style supper with only your fingers (no utensils), having a backwards dinner, and waking the kids in the middle of the night for an impromptu ice cream sundae! Any more ideas? Could you tweak this for use in your family? I’d really love to hear about it 🙂

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