Marshmallow Madness: Peacemakers

Welcome to the easiest family devotional you’ll ever come across- Marshmallow Madness! We can do this!

I challenge you to spend 20 minutes a week being intentional about passing your faith on to your kids
           …and all you need is a bag of marshmallows.

This week: Peacemakers

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

Hold up one colored mini-marshmallow and say something like “Look at this 1 lonely marshmallow. It can’t do much by itself, but when we put a bunch of them together we can create something beautiful!”

Peacemakers are people that try and bring harmony. They help everybody feel good, even though we are all different.

Create a picture with colored mini-marshmallows. Family members can make their own pictures separately or work together to produce a giant masterpiece. Enjoy this time together and mention how the different colors and patterns make everything better.


Keep a handful of marshmallows handy and let the kids know that for the next few days, whenever you notice somebody in the family going out of their way to be a peacemaker you’ll reward them with a “piece” of marshmallow 🙂

Finish off with a quick family prayer. God cares about every area of our lives; let’s encourage the children to pray about whatever is on their hearts. Add to your prayer journal weekly, and be sure to leave space to jot down a quick note when God answers the prayer. Your kids will grow stronger in their faith when they can look back and see what the Lord has done.How did this work for you? Did you adapt it to fit your family?

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