Empower our Children to Fight

Empower our children to succeed in this life-teach them to be battle ready-with the armor of God!

armor of God

What are our weapons?

According to God’s Word; Truth, righteousness, the gospel, faith, salvation, the Holy Spirit and prayer.

What’s more, Ephesians 6:10 promises that we don’t have to fight in our own strength. We have the power of our mighty God to draw from.

Here are some fantastic ideas for learning about God’s armor.

There are activities here for all ages. Choose one or two and have an incredible family night!

For younger kids: “A Heart to Change Our Generation” gives us a whole activity making these great bags as well as explaining what each piece of armor means. (below)

ARMOR RACING: At the blow of the whistle, let children run around a designated area and find the various types of armor pictures that a parent has hidden. Children will then come back to the table area and tape that piece of armor to their clothing, in the correct spot. The teacher can then put all the armor pictures in a basket and the children will once again race to get a piece of armor and tape it to their clothing again. Continue to play as time allows.

PASS THE SWORD: Sit in a circle and play “musical sword”. As the music plays, pass the sword and when the music stops, the child (or parent)  holding the sword, will read the Bible verse and then will sit out. The game continues until there is only one player left.

ARMOR VIDEO: After the lesson has been shared with the children, let each child choose a picture of a piece of armor and tape it to their clothing. Take a video of the children talking about the armor and the lesson. Show the children the video.

ALUMINUM FOIL SOLDIER: Give children some foil and a certain amount of time to form a soldier. This will be similar to using play dough, but not messy.

BELT OF TRUTH: Give children supplies to make a construction paper belt with strips of paper hanging down and taped to the belt. (Reinforce the belt with postage tape or clear contact paper). Strips of paper could have a Bible verse written on each piece.

Give children a paper bag and cut out a place for the head and arms to slip into. Decorate the bag with CHOOSE TO DO WHAT GOD SAYS IS RIGHT, etc.

Provide children with a piece of foam to cut in the shape of their foot and laces to attach to the foam (hole punched) and lace up their ankle and leg.

SHIELD OF FAITH: Provide children with a piece of cardboard to decorate as a shield and tape a handle (strip of wide paper) to the back so the shield can be held in front of child.

Give each child a paper plate to form in the way that they choose, to be a helmet. Color and write HELMET OF SALVATION, etc. Attach pipe cleaners or string to hole on the sides to tie it onto their head.

SWORD OF THE SPIRIT: Provide each child with a long strip of poster board and foil to cover the “sword” and Bible stickers to decorate their sword. Give each child another small piece of poster board to form as the handle and color and tape to the sword.

SING A SONG: Do an army cadence if desired such as: 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, I AM IN GOD’S ARMY TOO (I am in God’s army too); HE’S MY KING AND THAT IS TRUE (He’s my King and that is true); I’LL WEAR THE ARMOR OF MY GOD (I’ll wear the armor of my God); AND DO ALL THAT HE SAYS TO DO (and do all that He says to do). (I know, the last part doesn’t rhyme… feel free to send suggestions)

Worksheets:   Armor of God  word search,  decoder, fill in the blank, cross word, coloring page boy soldier, These links were adapted from an excellent free website called sermons4kids.com

Lori, at “Life’s a Bowl Of Cherries” made a cute snack based on the armor of God.

A beautiful coloring page for girls and boys. Very nice artwork.

Show teens the picture below and discuss its meaning for each piece of armor. You might be surprised at their responses.


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