Apply Yourself

This New Year brings new choices. We have an opportunity to invest in ourselves and others. Set yourself up for success.


Just like God’s grace for us, we have a clean slate to begin anew. Many of us are disheartened by the failings and missed goals of previous years, however. We can become cynical and forget that oftentimes those failings are the vehicle to push up to success when the time is right. 

A new year is a great time of reflection. Consider the good and the ugly of the year before: perhaps we need to relinquish our great expectations and focus on just 1 or 2 baby steps. Improve on what is already working well, or maybe start a whole new routine? 

Whatever you resolve, know that there is a reason most people fail. IT IS HARD! The full-bellied determination we feel while relaxing beside a fire dissolves in the 6 am gloom. We eat a rice cake while reading/sleeping through the Book of Exodus. We are hungry and tired. Like the children of Israel in the desert- we are little children ourselves. We don’t want to do our chores, We don’t want to do our reading and prayer, we don’t wanna eat the food that is best for our bodies!

BUT if you can persevere you WILL reap untold benefits. Your confidence in yourself will grow because you will have accomplished that hard thing. Your children will be rewarded with more time and attention. Your body will become energized and strong. And most importantly, your loving Father will reward your diligence and grant you wisdom and peace, the greatest treasure of all.

Pray and ask what He wants you to work on this year. And then DO IT! Know that it will be difficult but worth it, and that if you feel peace after praying about it then rest in the knowledge that if God says you are ready, than you ARE!

A fun family activity is to discuss the purpose of resolutions together and pray for God to give each of us wisdom in setting our goals. Have each family member write them down separately on a piece of paper and seal them individually. (Young children can draw a picture of something they would like to work on this year.) We store ours with our Christmas decorations so they won’t be lost or forgotten, and next year we will open them up and celebrate our achievements.


What are YOU going to do this year? Do you have any tips for success?

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