Enriching Activities

Better than bread- its Wonderbread!


That’s what comes to mind when I ponder the word enrichment.

In a nutshell, it means to make something better. To add pleasure. To enrich a job is to make it more satisfying for its employees. To enrich one’s life is to make it more enjoyable. Notice it isn’t about starting from scratch. Wonderbread didn’t re-invent a whole new food, they enriched the flour by adding vitamins. They took what was working, and found ways to make it even better. (Please don’t think I’m advocating enriched white bread, I am more of a natural make it yourself person. Sadly, Wonderbread’s slogan at one time was actually “Good nutrition doesn’t have to be whole wheat…” !)

 Consider how your family navigates an average day. What is already working decently?  How can you enrich it further? Maybe a prayer before meals thanking God (or after the meal in the old testament tradition), or a quick blessing as the kids leave the house for school.

We can make our family better just by smiling more. What is the first thing you say to your children in the morning? How about the last words you speak over them at night?


Try this enriching Christmas activity you can use with your nativity set:

(adapted from www.famtime.com free devotional)

Read the Christmas story from Luke 2 together. Use a children’s picture bible if appropriate. Talk about the characters, where they came from, and when they got to see Jesus.

Use the Nativity set to “act” out Jesus’ birth.  Leave the barn as is, but place the Mary and Joseph in another part of the house to indicate “Nazareth” and over a few days have them get closer and closer to the manger in “Bethlehem”.  If you would like to start a new family tradition, Jesus can arrive in the manger on Christmas Day, the Shepherds the next day, and the Wise Men on New Years Day. They could present a gift for Jesus, perhaps a bag of groceries for the food bank? They might also bring a board game or some other fun family activity!


I’m sure there are plenty of great things going on in your home. Perhaps there are ways to enrich it even more.  Got a great idea? Leave a comment and let us know.



2 responses to “Enriching Activities”

  1. That is a great idea with the nativity set. I think my kids would love that and it would be a great way to make the story “real”. Too bad Christmas is over. I’ll have to wait for next year

    1. Thanks Carla,
      Next year for sure! It’s not too late for the new years activity.

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