If you are an imperfect parent that struggles to stay calm- Welcome! This material was created by a mom in the trenches, and it works! You’ll find encouragement and support to reach the hearts of your kids, faith based tools that you can use to teach character, and discipline techniques that help your children want to do the right thing!

First Steps:  Many parents ask what they can do now to start building character into their children. Start now- create a family culture that plays and prays together. Stock up on big and small marshmallows and head over to Marshmallow Madness for a ton of ideas to reach the hearts of your kids.

A lot of parental frustration comes from a fear of not knowing what to do. Learn some new skills that are designed to reduce anger and frustration while building cooperation and unity in the home. I recommend every parent take one of the full day Parenting Seminars.  This will give you a strong foundation to communicate effectively, help kids with anger and self control, and keep yourself calm. In addition, this full day workshop provides sessions on discipline ideas that reach the heart. Parents leave encouraged and equipped to create lasting change in relationships.

There are certain topics that need some special attention. 2 Hour Workshops like Helping Kids Deal with Anger, Sibling Rivalry, Balancing Work & Home Life, Helping Kids with Anxiety & Stress, Parenting Styles,  or Creating a Family Vision.

Many families benefit from private Family Coaching. Have me come to your home and customize a plan for your particular family.

You’re not here by accident! Parenting is tough- but God gave you your kids, and you are the best parent for the job. You’ve got this!



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